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Our Top 5 Tips for Your Big Day

1. Buttonholes? Yes they just kinda clip on to the left hand side of the jacket...or is it the right? wait..what is this pin for....

Ok so it might not seem like a major issue, but the likelihood of someone, out of the 6 people in your house that morning, knowing how to attach a buttonhole...is slim to none. At this point your probably thinking, "did you not just say before that you guys do these things?" & you would be right, we do, not always successfully. From experience, some buttonholes are trickier than others & you don't want your photographer tied up with that when we could be missing some really important shots (like mum placing buttonhole on dad) lol! So, our Top Tip would be to enquire with your florist, if possible, could they be attached on arrival? or give you a brief demo on 'How to'. No more wonky buttonholes that fall off or get damaged before the ceremony even begins!

2. Utilise your Bridal Party...Bridesmaids...This one's for you!

Ladies, the more you can do for the Bride without her having to ask, the better.   You see, there is a fear some Brides have of becoming a 'Bridezilla', a ridiculous branding that brings nothing more but added stress, and because of this, don't want to 'bother' their bridesmaids. Take it from me, (i have been a Bride AND a Bridesmaid), she is going to need you by her side & she will not always know how to ask you. And to be honest, its always the most basic things...like being there to help her into her dress. This is the one we notice the most, because once the clock starts that 1hr countdown, all sorts of madness ensues & it is every woman for herself! lol! To the Brides reading this...we would recommend sending your party (including flower girls etc) to get dressed at least 30-45mins before you plan too. That way they are ready to go & can spend those last few moments helping you into your dress. (makes for super gorgeous pictures).

3. Avoid guest photography during important moments.

Now we aren't saying to put a ban on them taking photographs at all, we know its good to have as many photographs as possible & it is so nice to see your day from all your guests point of view, however, in certain circumstances it is important that we are the only ones taking the pictures. For example, while we are arranging the bridal party for the formal pics, which often includes children; if parents, grandparents & guests are standing behind us to get the shot, there is no way we are going to get their attention! It also gives you the chance to really settle in front of the camera without an audience.

4. Consider a meet and greet for after the ceremony.

It happens at every Wedding. You have just tied the knot & are now making your way up the aisle, once you get to the top there will be a brief moment in your mind when you think, "What next?" Usually your guests start spilling out behind you, and, if you don't opt for a meet & greet at the entrance, are gathering in a confused mass trying to grab you for hugs and pictures. This may sound like fun (really?lol) but on the day, with everything going on, it can get pretty stressful for you both. The line up at the entrance to the Church or Ceremony room is definitely something to consider as guests then queue and get to see you individually without pulling you from pillar to post. This is definitely a great recommendation for you to maximise your time & make the day run smoother. It also means that you have already said hello & thank you to all your guests as you probably won't get to see them, particularly for larger Weddings, the rest of the day. 

5. Just ENJOY it.

After all the planning, sweat, blood & tears, it is now the night before your big day. At this point you should definitely 'switch off'.  No matter what happens now it is out of your hands. Everyone you have hired to make your day special, are now in charge. You have planned every single little detail for this day & if anyone is gonna enjoy it, it has got to be you! Burst open the bubbly, sit back and relax.