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Northern Ireland Wedding Photography...Top Tips for Your Big Day!

Everything is ready, it is the morning of the first day of your new life as wife & husband, wife & wife, husband & husband. Did you forget anything? Probably...does it matter? Not really. The rest of the day is now in the hands of the people you hired for your big day. More importantly, your photographer, because honestly, and you won't realise this until after the Wedding, we are super super handy. If you have spent alot of time meeting with & choosing your photographer, I can guarantee that the only thing you are thinking of is your pictures. And why not, that is all you are hiring us to do, but we are so much more than just photographers. Personally, I have changed nappies, laced up dresses, fixed bouquets, touched up makeup, fixed hair, babysat, been a taxi for guests, carried handbags, walked through water(ok...was a puddle, but still) & so much more.

For me, this is just a part of my job, but after all the Weddings and beautiful moments there are certain unavoidable issues that almost always seem to reoccur at every one.  Thats not to say that all Weddings are the same, they each have something beautiful and unique about them, however, these Top Tips will help you to plan for these moments & get the absolute best from everyone who is a part of your big day.